Dr. Elliott of Corrosion & Materials Consultancy needed a redesign and brand refresh for a decade-old website for a 30-year-old business

With 30+ years experience, countless publications and awards, and prestigious clients most consultants only dream of working with under Dr. Elliott of C&MC's belt, I was faced with the challenge to create a website and visual identity that accurately encapsulated the impressive professional backbone of this business.

Brand Revitalization

Icon Design



I wanted to stay true to the original brand and logo as much as possible.  I used the same colors present in C&MC's original logo, but I knew adding in one more color to the blue, grey, and black scheme would go far in adding intrigue and modernity to the brand. I settled on a rust orange, staying true to the consultancy's expertise: rust and corrosion. 

As for design, I opted for a minimal, editorial look that let strategic imagery, engaging graphics, and text do the heavy lifting.


To create continuity and to bring a much-needed breath of fresh air to an established consultancy, I created a set of custom-colored icons to use around Dr. Elliott's site. 


After learning C&MC's clients almost always come from referrals, I knew this website would need to function in a way that would ultimately convince on-the-fence clients to set up a consultation session. 

To do this, I first needed the website to function as social proof. Once potential clients saw how happy other clients were, and saw that repeat business was the norm for C&MC, they wouldn't think twice about setting up a consultation session.

I also knew the website needed to showcase Dr. Elliott's expertise and impressive skill set. Hiring C&MC to do litigation support for an upcoming trial or to lecture your students on metallurgy would be a no-brainer when they saw a proven track record, a hefty list of publications, and the slew of elite recognition and positions held by Peter Elliott.

To bridge the gap between the digital and physical world, my final challenge was to make it extremely easy to contact Dr. Elliott to set up a consultancy session. I achieved this by adding many strategic call-to-action buttons, an attractive contact form, and assuring the website functioned optimally on mobile devices. 

Victoria Donovan