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The Project

A clinical trial needed qualified patients enrolled on a tight deadline. 

In collaboration with Clinically Media (formerly V. Donovan), I designed and executed a budget-friendly, laser-focused recruitment campaign for Brickell Biotech's Phase 2 Clinical Research Trial. My campaign included designing and building the landing page and informational website, laser-focused social media mareketing, pre-qualifying referrals using an online form, and automating the referral process and communication with over 20 sites nationwide.


I knew the visual identity needed to be clean, very clear, and appeal to people who fit the criteria for the condition of interest in this clinical trial. To do this, I used ample white space, minimalist photography, bright splashes of color.  Utilizing full bleed photography and attractive call-to-actions, the visuals of the website drew viewers in and funneled them into prequalifying for the trial. 


In an effort to walk the fine line of making a website as informative as possible without appearing to have an overwhelming amount of information on it, UX (user experience) design was a large part of this project. Being very deliberate in when deciding placement and flow of information, the final version of the website flows intuitively from one section to the next offering background on the research while consistently driving visitors to prequalify for the trial.

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Victoria Donovan