Thrive with Melissa Rae


Thrive with Melissa Rae needed a brand revitalization and a modern website from which flourish from.

Melissa Rae is a talented makeup artist in Santa Barbara, CA. Her brand, Thrive with Melissa Rae is a blog and beauty services business that is equal parts makeup artistry and feminine spirit.  Melissa Rae believes makeup and beauty products should be used to boost confidence and add to an inner beauty a person already holds instead of using it as a mask. What initially began as a project for me to add imagery and scheduling capabilities to an existing website quickly evolved into a brand revitalization and a new, modern website. 

Brand Development + Imagery

Services & Scheduling Integration

Web Design


Melissa Rae's philosophy is simple: inner confidence goes beyond the Hollywood ideal of perfection. She is equally passionate about making the professional model feel confident for her next shoot as she is making the mother of the groom feel her best on her son's big day. Melissa Rae is also deeply passionate about the ocean and the power that nature has to revitalize even the rustiest souls. Knowing this, the imagery I chose to represent Thrive with Melissa Rae needed to be authentic, inclusive, and represent Southern California in a way locals would identify with. We used a mix of photos from previous events she had done makeup and hair for, stunning ocean imagery, and photos taken by me. We boosted still imagery with video by creating a short scene chronicling a makeup transformation.


Melissa Rae wanted a website that was more functional and valuable to users. We worked together to get all of her services listed online. Furthermore, we added in scheduling software and intake forms to make client relations a breeze.  Now, when clients new or returning are ready to make an appointment, scheduling a time on Melissa Rae's calendar for a consultation, a spot at her next workshop, or your next in-home blow out is intuitive and easy.


Thrive with Melissa Rae's website is designed to serve as a hub for Melissa Rae's brand. The homepage draws users in with stunning imagery and a preview of everything she has to offer. It was important to me that visitors to Melissa Rae's site instinctually knew Melissa Rae is the real deal and can be trusted to make you, your mother, and your friends feel their best on the biggest occasions of their lives. I did this by bringing expert advice to the front page, by sharing testimonials, and showing Melissa Rae in action in a makeup transformation video. As visitors explore the site further, they may stumble across her blog where they get to know Melissa Rae's unparalleled blend of bubbly feminine spirit and expert knowledge of natural makeup products. It becomes abundantly clear quite quickly that Thrive with Melissa Rae is the Santa Barbara's best choice for your next in-home blowout or beauty service.

Photographer: Molly+Co

Victoria Donovan